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Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?

The Divine Writer


A practical guide on how to use universal spiritual principles to improve your writing practice. Do you want to connect with your muse to create an increased flow and a better writing practice? This book will show you how.


Ramblings of a Writer


The best insights and tools from The Divine Writer blog in an easily digestible and ready to use format. Learn how to break through writer’s block, create the perfect writing environment, and instantly improve your writing practice.



About Pernille Norregaard

Pernille Norregaard wrote her first story in 1983 at eight years old. It was about an elephant that fell into a jam jar and couldn’t get out. She dreamed of becoming a writer and dabbled in poetry and journalism during her teenage years.

She received an MSc in cultural anthropology from the University of Copenhagen (yes, she is Danish). Her first job out of school was as an editor at Disney Publishing. In 2004, she went for freedom and began freelancing for a wide variety of magazines while doing a degree in journalism.

In 2006, Pernille published her first non-fiction book. She soon dedicated herself to the world of books and wrote and ghosted another 11 books in just six years. This included Få din bog ud! (Get Your Book Out!) on the process of writing and getting a non-fiction book published.

The book launched a new path of helping writers and experts fulfil their dream of writing a book. In just a couple of years, Pernille was not only working with Danes, but with writers and professionals from across the world. Through courses and coaching, she has helped thousands of people write their books and get them published.